Collaboration with Relevance Partners Extends and Enhances Your Existing Solution

  • Analytics fully integrated with CRM
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Point and click analytics using any browser
  • Adopts each retailer’s own lexicon & hierarchies
  • Custom dashboards for easy interpretation
  • Workgroup-specific menus
  • Fosters enterprise-wide usage
  • Built-in support for international languages
  • Existing library of report templates delivers insights tailored to both retailers and brands
  • Fully-formatted download to MS Excel
  • Easily customized to support additional data sources / requirements
  • Automatic, optimized personalization delivered through all current and future shopper communication channels
  • APIs support real-time targeted offer distribution and clearance
  • Supports multiple hierarchies in every dimension
  • Proven scalable to thousands of stores, answers “Big Data” questions very quickly
  • Cloud or in-house implementation on all popular databases
  • Easily integrates with existing technology solutions
  • Advanced data security supports vendor collaboration

Benefits For Your Customers

  • Increase customer trips, basket size, margins, total sales and loyalty by making your offerings more relevant to each consumer
  • Focus your marketing spend on your most responsive customers
  • Recommend the most compelling offers for each shopper
  • Ensure that every business decision addresses your customers’ needs
  • Foster a collaborative workflow between yourself, wholesalers, and CPGs
  • Provide an ongoing, real-world, easy-to-read test marketing laboratory
  • A powerful solution that’s affordable for mid-tier and independent retailers
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